Coenobita Species

The common species of Land Hermit Crabs

Coenobita clypeatus

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There are more than 30 species of Coenobita but only a handful of them are commonly found as pets through out the world.   C. antarcticus · C. baltzeri · C. brevimana · C. brevimanus · C. brevipes · C. brunnae · C. brunnea · C. carnescens · C. cavipes · C. clypeata · C. clypeatus (Land Hermit) · C. compressus (Semi-Terrestrial Hermit Crab) · C. diogenes · C. guttatus · C. hilgendorfi · C. longitarsis de · C. lypeata · C. oliviera · C. olivieri · C. pearlatus · C. perlata · C. perlator · C. perlatus · C. rubescens · C. rugosa · C. rugosa rubescens · C. rugosus · C. rugosus rubescens · C. rugosus rugosus · C. ruqosa · C. scaevola · C. spinosa · C. spinosis · C. spinosus · C. subrugosa · C. variabilis · C. violaceus · C. violascens


Some species are exclusive to certain regions, making it difficult to properly identify them all.

With the help of hermit crab enthusiasts around the world, we have put together an overview of the most common species of Coenobita. On our pages you will find an array of quality images and some scientific information about the species based on various research documents.

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